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“what an incredible and inspiring presentation jill. I can confidently say many of the students were impacted by what they heard from you.” matthew kan, ubc sauder school of business

Executive coach and business strategist

Are you getting results or making excuses?

Working with clients one on one and in group settings and uncovering their barriers to success is what I do.

I deep dive in discovery sessions to determine personality drivers, motivation, communication styles, self-imposed limits, personal and workplace challenges and I develop specific road-maps of accountability for massive success. Creating break-throughs for those who are just "comfortable" in life.

I implement career visioning and deliver core competency management training and high-level communication to demonstrate how to pull others into agreement. 


Stop thinking small.


You deserve success and I'll help you and your business get there.

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“I enjoyed how engaging your Business Communication was. You have a great strategy in terms of presenting information in a very interesting and lively manner.”


Strategic Growth

Examining value proposition, defining key indicators, maximizing strengths, coaching up or coaching out non-performing employees, developing efficient systems and procedures, source and hire C-suite and managers to continue to lead the growth strategies.  ​

Guiding sales conversations to a successful close

We work with you to develop intentional conversation to pull clients into agreement for the close and increase the percentage of your sales successfully closed.  

Management Communication Training

We specialize in empowering your conversation to ensure you are influencing those you work with. Specializing in the Principles of Influence and Personality Styles to uncover intentional conversations for successful outcomes. 


We provide strategy sessions that look at the motivation, personality traits and role placement and develop common goals for success.

Keynote Speaker

Jill is a world renowned TEDx and Keynote Speaker and is sought after by corporations and educational institutions to bring her inspirational message of change and possibilities.

Hiring & Training a Team

Our expert hiring practices enable you to make the correct hire the first time to strengthen your business.

We train with the end goal in mind so that your business is a well-oiled machine that continues to be profitable when you step away for any length of time.

“Thank you for your level 10 honesty. Your guidance has greatly improved my communication with my team and my clients.”




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