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“When Jill Sinclair’s Hustler Sophisticate is coming to your city, you need to come. It’s going to change your life!”

Ryan Serhant, TV Star of Million Dollar Listing NY

“ I see your superpower as inspirational. You don’t just motivate, you inspire.“ 
David Meltzer, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

“When you showed up, I already knew that I was going to be blown away because of your powerful presence. Then when you gave your talk, it was WOW! It absolutely did blow me away, 100%! It was so powerful!”

Lisa HR Manager, Western Region at Rogers Sports & Media

“Your story was so powerful and moving and really connected deeply with our audience. You were the perfect keynote for our community, culture and career focus event and how you tied it all together for such impact was EXTRAORDINARY! Thank you Jill!”

Melanie, Sales Manager, Media Business Unit at Rogers Sports & Media

“What a phenomenal experience to hear Jill’s story and the struggles that she went through and how she turned that into “her genius” and how she leads with that today. It was a very inspirational talk, learning about different ways we can approach our own story and how we can interact with others in a more powerful way. It was phenomenal!”

Chrissy National Sales Director at Rogers Sports & Media

“Your talk was life changing Jill. It was so groundbreaking and motivating and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. Thank you!”

Mike, Customer Service Manager at Rogers Sports & Media


“There are people who exude excellence, success and class, Jill Sinclair is one of those people. Such an incredible, amazing, powerhouse of a woman.”

N. Dhatt


“What an incredible and inspiring presentation Jill, I can confidently say many students were impacted by what they heard from you! Your presentation was transformative.”

M. Kan UBC Sauder School of Business


“There is so much for me to learn from you. Your talk yesterday showed me how changing how I see the challenges in my life, can make all the differences in my ‘hustle’.”

V. Lloyd


“Thank you for your fantastic presentation and your live coaching Jill!”

Z. Abelson


“Thank you for sharing your insights with us Jill! It was a pleasure learning from your stories!”

V. Mulpuri


“So lucky to have met Jill Sinclair. Thank you for the hugely insightful talk.”

J. Liu


“I was so inspired from your poignant story and your amazing comeback. Thank you!”

M. Miller


“Jill Sinclair, that was another great Hustler Sophisticate installment!! I can’t wait for the next one!”

C. Manning


“Jill Sinclair, you are a remarkable leader. Thank you for your presentation!”

M. Jansen


“I had such an amazing time at Jill Sinclair’s Hustler Sophisticate event on Friday! She is incredibly hardworking, drive and is not afraid to tell it like it is. She is a true business leader!”

E. Neustaedter


“To be in the same room as Jill Sinclair was inspirational!”

L. Ehrhardt


“Thank you SO MUCH for everything on Friday! My notebook is FILLED with inspiration and ideas to implement. Thank you for being who you are and putting on such an amazing event. I can’t wait until the next one!!”

J. Davis


“Had a great time hearing from Jill Sinclair at her Bootcamp and her live business coaching. Wow! Such inspiration!”

C. Jardine


“Jill’s life story is so inspiring that is has motivated me to overcome my own obstacles and reach my goals. An AWESOME experience with tangible information to guide me through my path to success”

N. Clarke


‘Thank you Jill Sinclair for sharing with us your value, knowledge and wisdom. A lot of the take-aways that I got are absolutely powerful in business. Thank you again for an amazing event. You killed it!”

M. Marfori


“I really enjoyed the Bootcamp Jill. It was very educational and fun. I took down so many notes that I’ll start implementing.”

J. Kirk


“That was such a motivational event!! You brought it AGAIN!! Way to go Jill!”

C. Manning


“Great event Jill! I took so many notes, I only had one page left in the notebook you provided!! I especially loved the live coaching!”

T. Jovolos


“It was a great and well-organized event, full of fabulous information for both life and business. I most enjoyed the live coaching sessions!”

V. Ainly


“Thanks again for an awesome event. You are a powerhouse!”

M. Barclay


“Jill, you held an amazing event. You are so inspiring and empowering and I learned so much!”

L. Adams

“Great seminar Jill Sinclair! I learned so much and networked with some great people!”

J. Tsai


“I commend you on the presentation Jill. Very impressive. Loved your vibe, energy, great attitude and knowledge!”

P. Dhaliwal


“The event was GREAT! Packed with tips that I can put into action. Thank you Jill!”

C. Colt


“A big shoutout to Jill Sinclair for crushing the second Hustler Sophisticate event. Great opportunity, great networking, great learning and she CRUSHED it.”

M. Walls

“If you have not read this book yet, what are you waiting for! This is an easy read, it's not your typical dry business book. Jill's personality shines through in her to-the-point no BS style. If you're stuck and don't know how to start with a great idea you have, this is the book you NEED to pick up and read, RIGHT NOW!”


Jill Sinclair is an executive coach who

gets her clients past their success

blockers with proven business



She's the founder of

Hustler Sophisticate Speaker Series

and Business Bootcamps and also a

compelling Author.


Jill is a sought after Keynote and TED

Talk Speaker that changes people's

lives by challenging their limits. She

brings actionable takeaways

to implement into your

businesses and life right away for

massive success.

Author of


This ain’t no “shelf-help” book to join the legions of others stacked on your closet shelf. Hustler Sophisticate was written to provide you with easily consumable, actionable examples to step up your game as a Hustler Sophisticate. 

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